Apply the 25th Amendment–Now

​It’s way too dangerous to leave Trump in charge for even one more day.

To Vice President Pence, Cabinet members, and Congress: 

Thank you for your courage, those who spoke out and who headed back to the work at hand after the coup. But Americans need to know Trump will not be allowed to continue destroying us, which is why I’ve written what’s below. 

You’ve had over four years’ warning.  Please don’t wait one more day. There’s a deranged monster in the White House. He’s been given an absurd amount of leeway to commit one atrocity after another against our democracy, the American people, and the environment. Americans as well as the rest of the world are horrified, and some are indeed terrified, by his coup attempt.

Don’t leave someone in the White House who does this. Take him out of there, or at least remove all his powers immediately, and let Pence or Pelosi take over until Inauguration day. Stop the damage now, or it will go on and on for the next two weeks. Just before the coup there was evidence of yet another of his myriad cruel decisions made while most of us weren’t looking (we had some distractions, like dying of Covid), as the auction of drilling leases in Alaska’s National Wildlife Refuge were announced. Trump’s sneaky underhanded ways are just one of the many reasons we should have stopped him long ago. 

For weeks overwhelmed hospitals treating Covid have been ignored and abandoned by him. People desperate for vaccines can’t get them since he never even tried to make a national plan, and he lets the states flounder as more people sicken and die. He’s completely without a conscience, and destroys everything he can, often enjoying his own deplorable actions.  Now there’s no telling what his rage will cause him to do. It’s egregiously irresponsible not to remove him.

This was not only a coup, but a coup in a nation struggling for air, reeling from this horrific pandemic, with millions in dire need of any possible relief, the millions this dictator has never cared about. If you don’t act now you will be helping him on his venomous rampage. In the process you’ll be contributing to further suffering and loss of hope, not just for most Americans, but for the world.

Please also waste no time in rounding up the MAGA mob who attacked our capital, and give them some jail time. While they’re in there, force-feed them some lessons in world history and in tolerance. But, with the future in mind, also let them know that Biden will work hard to get good jobs for them so they can feel more secure, since fear–which often leads to anger–seems likely to be a motivator for some of them. ​We need also to find ways to communicate to them about the dangers of cults, which are so often run by c​orrupt or even deranged people. Th​ese attempts to get through to them won’t matter to those who join just because they enjoy committing mayhem or are motivated by hate, but it may sway many others if we do it right.

Meanwhile we can hope and pray that certain Republicans change their ways by not repeating Trump’s methods of messaging such groups and then using them to get more power and money. Any such actions in the future must be condemned, and early on.

The monster’s family needs to leave the White House too, or at least to be completely ignored. The social media sites that blocked Trump and some of his henchpeople ​for twelve hours ​need to keep them blocked much longer. ​It’s good that Facebook will now block them indefinitely. The others should do the same.

We the American people don’t deserve to go through this trauma or to be this scared right now, when many of us are already suffering from severe anxiety, depression, job loss, hunger, and homelessness. The biggest bullies attack the already-downtrodden; it’s so easy. 

You know what you have to do. It’s the right thing. Get the delusional dictator out of the White House, now. He has committed treason. Getting him out is the least you can do.

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