Newest 5G information

I hope you won’t think of me as just a reporter of bad news, which I don’t want to be, but rather a reporter of news about things we can fight against when they just don’t make sense such as rushing into implementing “advances” that while exciting (and wealth-building for some people and companies) aren’t yet properly vetted for safety, like 5G. I want to make sure you get right away some of what I just learned on the site (articles by Lori Alton and Sara Middleton). You probably know about some of the 5G warnings, and there are several posts on 5G referencing many researchers and points already. But some of this is brand new for me and I wanted get those parts out now.

First of all, Middleton explains that there’s a new order from the FCC that will streamline implementing 5G even more. See her entire article at the link below:

Though cities don’t seem to have much power to fight the recent steps taken to shove 5G onto all of us whether we want it or not, it looks like states might have some.  It does appear that 5G everywhere will enrich a number of companies and placate the federal government which seems to be intent on it so that the US stays economically ahead–as if 5G is the only way we can stay ahead–surely it isn’t–and despite the health risks already known about.  But as you’ll see, some of these plans make no sense given the lack of proof of safety. I do think fighting this is worth the effort. I’ve excerpted parts of two articles from the site here.

The major issues new to me are recent federal government pushes to put 5g almost everywhere. The “roll-out” is on its way despite many scientists having protested for some time. The government also plans to add 5G through wireless radiation from thousands of satellites in space, and there will soon be a whole line of homes outfitted with Alexa and myriad other “conveniences” requiring increased numbers of 5G antennae, and more bombardment of more people with intense EMF radiation. I also learned there is already a definite association with mouse brain cancer and 5G, and finally, it seems cyber-crime is made easier through all this enhanced connectivity.

Here are the article excerpts (again writers Sara Middleton and Lori Alton), with an occasional comment from me:

Existing wireless systems are already associated with cancer, reproductive problems and cognitive impairment

In peer-reviewed studies, wireless radiation from cell phone and existing 2G, 3G and 4G systems has been associated with serious adverse effects – including brain cancer, impaired fertility and cognitive problems such as learning and memory deficits.

A $25 million study conducted by the National Institutes of Health’s National Toxicology Program showed an association between 2G/3G cell phone radiation and brain cancer in rats – with the researchers noting that this represented “clear evidence of carcinogenicity.”

Since 2012, the World Health Organization has classified cellphone radiation as a Class B carcinogen.

And, EMF radiation from wireless systems has even been linked with the problem of increasing antibiotic resistance, recently labeled as a “global public health crisis” by the WHO.

Scientists join citizens in calling for further study

Natural health experts have long denounced the headlong rush to 5G – and the lack of serious studies on its effects – calling it “reckless in the extreme,” and “one of the greatest follies ever conceived of by mankind.”

In September 2017, more than 180 scientists and physicians from 35 nations signed the EU 5G Appeal, demanding a moratorium on the increase of cell/mobile antennas for planned 5G expansion.

This was followed, in 2018, by the International Appeal to Stop 5G in space and on earth. (Unbelievably, there are plans to send wifi signals from space via thousands of satellites that will douse the earth with wireless radiation.) To date, the document has garnered over 26,000 signatures from scientists, doctors, biologists, engineers and ordinary citizens.

Even politicians are beginning to realize the risks.

Last May, a Michigan State Senator, Patrick Colbeck (R-Canton) testified from the Senate floor concerning the health risks of wireless technology, and the need for further study.  Colbeck urged his colleagues to vote against a pair of bills that would facilitate 5G.  However, despite his protests, both bills passed in the Michigan State Senate.

No matter what the advantages of WiFi, this 5G technology will expose us to unprecedented levels of EMF radiation – while increasing our vulnerability to cybercrime and snooping.  Few people put the risks as candidly as Ronald M. Powell, Ph.D., a researcher and Harvard-educated physicist.

In a letter to the FCC, Dr. Powell wrote about the health effects of radiofrequency radiation from the coming 5G expansion.And, he didn’t mince words. “It (the 5G expansion) will irradiate everyone,” Dr. Powell predicts.

The site notes that many of the 300,000 needed new antennas are already appearing in residential areas, many close to bedrooms. It requires antennae every 300 meters.

It reports that Lennar Homes (with support from Amazon) is going to produce homes complete with 5G wifi capability to do all sorts of things including shopping much more easily, apparently not warning prospective buyers about any risks, a plan that is alarming many health experts. And “the new technology needed to support the system will intensify the EMF radiation that already bombards us, and necessitate the building of hundreds of thousands of new cellphone towers.”

Another phenomenon concerning the new pre-outfitted homes such as Lennar will build shows further issues. “…the very connectivity that makes automated homes so convenient can make them more vulnerable to attack by cybercriminals. Electromagnetic Sense Ireland, a non-profit group dedicated to exploring the effects of wireless technology on health and environment, reports a 2014 incident in which hackers created a “botnet” that hijacked 100,000 devices – including routers, smart TVs and smart refrigerators.”

So at this point it seems to me the best thing to do if this concerns you, is to write to your representatives on every level–local, state, and especially at the federal level, and say so. And turn your wifi off at night when you go to sleep for at least a little protection during part of the day. We went to some trouble to do this at our house but felt it was worth it.