Lack of Climate Change Action is Now Deadly Dangerous

Susan Cooke

Yesterday I’m pretty sure I heard Senator Lindsey Graham, in his moving farewell speech about his best friend Senator John McCain, say that both of them believed in climate change. I still am unclear about how many Republicans actually do not believe in climate change, but I hope, with some desperation, that all of Congress, Democrats and Republicans, will soon say enough is enough to the White House and the EPA and stop the current horrifyingly dangerous ignoring of this crisis.

I don’t think too many of us can take another month, let alone years, sitting by while not only nothing is done but while many earth-saving regulations are actually rolled back. Not only are we more isolated since Trump, we may soon have the honor of being blamed by most people on earth (and all of our children and future generations, if there are any) for not leading the way in immediate and intense steps to stop global warming, while instead, unbelievably, slowing progress in stopping it. We’re so near the point of no return (and beyond it for some events) that even those who don’t believe can certainly manage, if they have a caring bone in their bodies, to go along with the possibility that the climate experts are right, and hurry feverishly to act to save this planet and every living thing in it. It seems nothing short of promoting mass murder not to act now. We only rent our places here, we don’t own this beautiful planet. We have no right to do this to it or its future living things.

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