Trump goes down in history

Susan Cooke


Even if President Trump wins his border wall or whatever else he’s making children and parents at our borders suffer for, he’ll surely have created for himself a reputation that even de-nuking North Korea won’t be able to wipe away. In addition to being cruel he seems astonishingly ignorant about the mental health effects, now and in the future, on the families.

He’s always sounded quite interested in being known as the guy who was the best or the first in history to do one thing or another he sees as important. I think he will go down in history as the most self-involved and heartless U.S. President. He’ll also be remembered for his rudeness, lack of empathy, ability to lie easily with no self-judgment, and lack of even decent manners toward longtime allies. I doubt a Nobel prize is in his future, not now. Even if he won a Nobel, many people would still think of him as a destructive President and not a very nice human being. “Sad.”