Important News on 5G & a Reminder to Sign the Petition


First of all here’s the petition site where you can sign if you’re concerned:

My goal is 1000 signatures, and we have 151 as of today.

Now to the news:

Nick Pineault reports online often and clearly about the dangers of 5G and what we can do to both stop its spread and to protect ourselves. I urge you to read his latest email to his list (it starts in French since it’s about 5G in Montreal, but he translates for us). It’s worth your while to read the entire message but if you don’t have time you’ll at least want to know about the links below. and about his helpful guide (no I do not work for him!) To see his whole email go to

If that doesn’t work go to his Facebook page or just google him. He’s been on some interview shows and has written a book on EMF safety in general. Now he’s writing a lot about 5G since it’s on the march and he’s very concerned, as am I.

Two important links in Nick’s email:

  1. To find out what else we can do to stop 5G, he’ suggests this site: 

To learn more about how to protect yourself and your family, he recommends: 

Nick writes often about other things we can do, about news on 5G, and is offering a program—EMFQuickstart—with more details to help (he talks about the program in that link to his email). My husband and I just bought it ($80 for the short version) since we already have health issues we suspect are related to regular EMF radiation. We don’t think we can withstand the increase from 5G. If you get the link I gave you up reply to it and ask to be on his mail list if you want to keep up with his 5G announcements and suggestions.

As Nick tells his readers, and as I read in increasing reports, it’s clear 5G will be everywhere if we don’t band together and stop it right now. It’s truly insane, unnecessary, mostly about power and greed, and is untested on humans. It should be illegal, and I suspect the courts may well be where this issue is headed. But don’t wait because, in my town for example, 5G has already been planned (quietly) and, I believe that soon, despite my own protests made to the town as a public health reporter, those ugly little towers will be seen on every block in front of multiple houses and buildings. As I’ve mentioned in past posts, medical requests not to have one near you will be ignored. Someone on high in the federal government decreed this (they knew ahead of time that people would protest due to health issues; does that tell you something?)

You may want to check out some of my earlier posts at where you can read more about handling this problem, including a very helpful link,

I also just discovered a site with a similar name that may be helpful:

Finally, know that petitions are being started in various other places around the world, and news is spreading that 5G is a terrible, rushed, and cruel project whose boosters think it has no bounds and want to do everything from putting it in driverless cars and in diapers to beaming it to earth from satellites. Know also that you’ll see anti-anti-5G opinions, in which those of us fighting it will be ridiculed. These opinions come from those who want the power and money 5G will procure for them since they’re in the business, or in those businesses related to it. (President Trump wants it in order to keep up with or beat China in a race for the fastest systems. Illness for all including himself and his own family apparently hasn’t been considered.) And those opinions may come also from the many others who want the extra speed but who never read about the problems and aren’t interested.

Please think about this for a second: Is there no end to the speed people want? Why? No, really. Why? With all our brain power we can find other ways to keep the world safe, free, housed, and fed besides competing with other leaders who don’t give a damn about public wellbeing any more than some of our leaders do. We may need to slow down for a while to figure it out, but early disease and death doesn’t seem a good result if we’re looking for a happier, more peaceful world. Those who aren’t looking for such a world are not people whose judgment I trust.

A lot of these people want what they want, now, and don’t want to think more deeply, which as you may have noticed is a current trend from much of the federal government on down. Those who think this way will have to pay the cost, as we will have to pay if we can’t stop them, of their shallowness, greed, or failure to act responsibly. The cost is simple: more illness, suffering, and shortened lives for all.

(Note to those 5G proponents most interested in financial issues: the added illness and suffering will cost a great deal of money, likely more than what you think you’ll miss out on if you don’t get 5G.)

Smart Meters

Susan Cooke

Along with 5G we now have SMART METERS–not a good thing

I’m hoping my messages on 5G are beginning to get to more people so they understand what’s coming, since the federal government seems to have no interest in discussing it with them. I’ll get back to fighting 5G  in the next post. Meanwhile I’m sorry to report that we now also have Smart Meters to contend with. I learned about them first from the EMF Safety Network, which urges us to oppose them along with 5G—and I only learned about these new utility meters this week. (You can look at home now to check whether you have one—check your meters for  electric, water, and gas. You want to keep “analog” meters, and resist having them swapped for smart meters.) We’ve now written letters to our utilities begging them not to replace our meters with smart ones, not that we expect that to go over well.

After we wrote our letters, I discovered the pages at a link below from the site, “Stop Smart” that have more explicit directions on how to fight this supposed improved technology. I suggest having a look at those if you’re not up on the plans for us that we once again had no say in. If you look at the photos on both pages, you can see some examples of what the meters look like (they don’t all look the same). It appears the meter often says “smart meter” right on it, but might also say AMI or AMR, or maybe even other labels we don’t know about yet so check your meters, and if it’s not clear, call that utility and ask. You have the right to know if you’ve got smart meters or not. Here are those links:

EMF Safety Network says utility companies worldwide are replacing analog electric, gas, and water meters with “pulsed radiation smart meter networks.” This despite known health effects already, no informing of the public about the change, not mentioning the possibilities for much easier hacking (which apparently is a known problem with 5G in general already), and privacy invasion. The meters by the way eliminate meter reader jobs, provide information on your private habits such as when you cook, watch TV, have lights on or not, and whether you are at home or not. EMF Safety says California utilities have admitted giving this information to the government and other third parties! As for health effects, on the same page I linked you to above, be sure to read what’s under the heading “Health Hazard,” but I mention some (not all) effects further down.

To be clear, Big Government and Big Tech are now adding smart meter networks, along with 5G, just about everywhere, to the growing soup of radio frequencies (RFs) we’re being forced to swim in, with no healthcare protests even allowed to be considered in the case of 5G, and I rather doubt my and my husband’s own requests not to get smart meters will be fulfilled. So you cannot ask not to have one of the 5G small cell towers near your home for health reasons. (Well, you can ask, and we plan to, but the law allows your pleas to be ignored.) This has already thrown people all over the country into a panic, with some taking difficult and expensive steps to try to shield themselves or their sick children, or grappling with the idea of moving. But where can you move that will be free of this stuff–a mountaintop somewhere? Nope, they’re going to beam 5G from satellites, unless we stop them. Oh, and there’s a plan to put it in babies’ diapers.

Are you worried about complications or new health issues already associated with chronic bombardment from all this RF? Already turning off Wifi at night because you suspect or know your symptoms are likely wifi-related and feel you surely won’t be able to handle even more with 5G or the effects of smart meters added to the load? Too bad for you. Big Tech and Big Government don’t care about your headaches, auto-immune issues, pacemaker issues, or increasing anxiety and/or depression. Both the latter two are rampant in the U.S. population already, and just the fact that people are being bullied can add greatly to both their anxiety and depression, aside from the stress of fear of health effects. Most people care about the planet too, unlike the current White House, and many are already depressed as they watch it continue on its path toward destruction by climate change due to–again–ego, greed, and impulsivity most people over the age of seven would not dare allow in themselves once they knew what was at stake.

So know that those in charge already know many of us will ask not to have a tower near our homes for health reasons, and they’re therefore gotten ahead of us by making a law that lets them say “Tough luck, you’re getting it anyway.” So we’ll have effects of smart meters and 5G at home as well as at work, in stores, in restaurants, and, if the spread of them increases as planned, everywhere we go–outside, inside, home, and on vacation. It sounds to me as if there will be nowhere to escape. I’d be delighted if someone convinced me I’m mistaken about this, but if you read the news stories and comments of many scientists not in favor of these changes so far, it’s hard to be convinced.

Don’t look to the President, top FCC officials, or Big Tech companies for answers. It looks like they’ll all be getting richer and/or getting huge ego kicks out of making our country the lead World Tech Power with this stuff. Why do we all have to suffer–even if we don’t end up having health effects–with having the fear of them, so those few people can grab some extra wealth and what they see as glory (I guess)? That’s insane and clearly those people have enough money and power already. Yes the US is competing with China and other countries also adding this technology, countries who also shouldn’t have begun using it either. But this is such an enormous health (and privacy and hackability) issue that all populations should have been consulted with and informed before any changes were made (not likely in China but in matters of health and wellbeing dictators including the current US tone seem the least trustworthy of all).

This rollout should never have begun without the people’s consent due to the stunningly irresponsible lack of testing, lack of knowledge about future effects, and the widespread plans nevertheless to put it everywhere–and quickly. (What’s the hurry? “Quickly” adopted new technology didn’t work so well for Boeing, did it?) These self-interested entities have no answers for you as to the possible damage because they have no idea themselves, or they do have an idea, and unbelievably, especially if they have children or grandchildren, they don’t care. It’s clear that it’s up to the people to stop it.

The EMF Safety group says the World Health Organization categorizes RF as a 2B carcinogen, the same as DDT and lead, adding that thousands of studies have linked RF exposure to increased cancer risk and nervous system damage, to name a couple (there’s a link to more on their page). Pulsed radiation from smart meters has already caused tinnitus, memory loss, and seizures, and further down the page you can see a litany of customer complaints including headaches, sleep problems, anxiety, palpitations, dizziness, nausea, ear pain, and more. This same page also reports something especially significant:  the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) has already called for a halt to wireless smart meters.

Groups especially vulnerable to RF health issues include pregnant women, seniors, people with known EMF sensitivities, medical implants, compromised immune systems, and those with pacemakers, who were warned by one organization to stay at least 6 inches away from all smart meters. (I imagine this would be hard to remember at all times, especially if the pacemaker patient is older as they often are, and might not be able to read the meter from 6 inches, even with glasses or a magnifying glass).

The page on smart meters also reports home fires, explosions, and burnt out appliances. See that page for details on all this as well as how costs will increase, and just how smart meters will work. Look further down to see how Californians have struggled with trying not to have, or to get rid of, Smart Meters.

The EMF safety group adds that smart meters already show evidence of environmental harm (see on the page a photo of a dying shrub next to a meter). I can’t see how all this added radio frequency (when for most of the earth and living beings’ history there was none) wouldn’t harm the environment in multiple not-yet-known ways including many that may not show up for years, just as human and animal illnesses such as cancer from it may not show up for years. I can’t imagine it not affecting bees, butterflies, other insects, and birds—all of which have exceedingly complex systems that guide them on annual trips across wide distances and back, systems we don’t fully understand yet. I can’t imagine it not affecting other wildlife, farm animals and pets, and due to effects on wildlife and insects, even flowering plants and food crops.

We’re risking, along with the increased immediate negative health issues already being reported in many people, the unbalancing of many delicate environmental systems necessary for the health and survival of all living things. People in power who don’t believe in science won’t get this, which is another reason the rest of us have to speak up. We’re already causing death and destruction by not stopping all practices that delay global warming. As is so often the case many in power can’t seem to learn that just because a new technology is available doesn’t mean we need to add to the planet’s woes by rushing into using it. In many past cases new technologies should never have been allowed to be established (nuclear power—that turned out well).

Why do we not learn this? I think part of it is we’re in such a hurry to get from one minute to the next in our frantic daily lives, or simply to get rich (and/or more powerful in some cases), and get there fast, we forget to or choose not to think. Remember thinking? Admittedly not much modeling of it is going on now in our government, but it’s generally a very useful practice.

So these relatively few individuals pushing this technology on all living things on earth and on the earth itself are committing what I can only see as a criminal act. It denies us in this country, of what was, I thought, our inalienable right to the pursuit of happiness. How can you have a hope of being happy when you’ve lost control over your own fate, and been forced to turn your health and quite possibly your lifespan, as well as the health of the planet you likely (hopefully) love, over to a few self-interested people who grabbed some power awhile ago. Their actions are unconscionable, unethical, and immoral, .

More soon on fighting both smart meters and 5G together, but you can begin now by protesting vehemently to your reps in government at all levels. Your state or city may already have a group that’s prepared petitions and other protests. Many Californians are working on this, and there’s an active group and petition fighting 5G in Finland. You can see and translate their petition at: