Meanness, Cruelty, & Guns Continue

Susan Cooke

To riff briefly on my former post, “Guns, Killing, &  Kindness,” what is it that causes a Fox news host to insult one of the Parkland massacre survivors, and is it the same perverted thinking that causes the shooter to receive armloads of “fan mail” from around the world? What causes police to mow down a man holding a cell phone in his grandma’s back yard? How crazed and cruel has the world become, and what do we all intend to do about it? It still seems clear to me that acceptance of guns everywhere, and killing, maiming, and ridiculing the innocent seems to be making other barbaric behavior seem fine to many, along with help promoting meanness from social media. Again it’s been shown that places where there are more guns experience more violence.

Look at this quote (and please try to read the entire excellent article if you have time–it’s a real eye-opener) from reporter German Lopez, Here’s the link:

“The US has nearly six times the gun homicide rate of Canada, more than seven times that of Sweden, and nearly 16 times that of Germany, according to United Nations data compiled by the Guardian. (These gun deaths are a big reason America has a much higher overall homicide rate, which includes non-gun deaths, than other developed nations.)”

To end on a positive note, it’s also clear the world is full of good, kind, and caring people. I hope you’ll join me in celebrating those people and condemning these instances in which we see some of the worst of human behavior. We need to publicize and spread more news about the good that many people spend their lives doing, and keep trying to get to a new place where caring about each other is the top priority. But we also need to be smart about our actions, and accept that our country has a severe problem with guns that must be remedied now. Otherwise the deaths will continue.