Upcoming Online Summits on 5G Wireless, & Reminder to Please Hurry to Sign Petition Against 5G

There are three new online summits on 5G Wireless beginning very soon that can further inform you and help you protect yourself and your family. from what are likely serious health effects caused by this untested technology. Again 5G is NOT necessary and we’re being bullied into having it surround us, even though there’s a great deal of evidence that the EMF radiation we’re already soaking in is harming our health.

I hope to continue to get petition signers from everywhere to sign my petition against 5G, again modeled on one from Helsinki, but am now also making a special call to residents of my state of Massachusetts, because I know for certain 5G Wireless is getting underway here right now. However I think you can still use my petition to show your own state and local governments how many people are disturbed by this roll-out with no warning and no way out (except protests like this). Here’s that petition link:


Upcoming Summits

Further down is a little of my husband’s and my experience in attempting to decrease current types of EMF radiation so far, but first, here are the summits if you want to do some more reading on 5G Wireless.

Here’s the link to one summit, presented by HealthMeans:


A second summit is being presented by Dr. Jay Davidson:


A third summit begins July 17th, hosted by “EMF Guy” Nick Pineault


Our Experience So Far

At home we’ve started to measure EMF radiation in different rooms. If you want to do this I recommend you get one of those devices you can measure it with, and hold it near anything plugged in, and in places where you sit often, or sleep. We bought one that’s a little more expensive than the cheapest one offered by Nick Pineault. His site is https://theemfguy.com/ and he’s one of the summit hosts.

We looked around and ended up buying the TriField EMF Meter Model TF2. It measures all three types of electromagnetic pollution (EMF)–electric, magnetic, and radio frequency. It cost us $168 on Amazon. They have cheaper ones but this one got a good review that said it’s pretty accurate and covers more kinds of EMF than many do. We even found something free on the phone but it only measures wifi. (We have no connection with Trifield.)

We took some measurements in our bedroom at home and the increases in radiation in some locations were so high we unplugged many things, and no longer charge things near the bed. Sometimes unplugging makes no difference so you have to hunt around a little, and sometimes you just don’t know where the increase is coming from. (That’s why I suggest looking at links I’ve given you and at some of the summits. We’ll be doing that too.) We also moved the head of our bed about 18 inches from the wall because up next to the wall the numbers went so much higher. This may be because a meter outside the house isn’t far from the bed, or because we’re getting radiation from the house next door which isn’t too far away from where we sleep.

When we measured our electric cords we were measuring on the electric setting of the Trifield meter, and when we measured wifi and phones we used the radio frequency setting. For behind the headboard of the bed we used the electric setting. We tried measuring there with the other settings but they showed no increase. So you might have to try all three to make sure something’s okay.

We even found many lamps made the meter jump up high. We thought it was the bulbs but changing them to different types only made a little difference. LEDs did seem to make somewhat less EMF than compact fluorescents. so we changed most bulbs to LED. We found that staying 6 inches away from the lamps even with the LEDs lowered the radiation a little more. But check each lamp, your fans, etc. since sometimes there are surprises.

Aluminum foil is said to decrease the radiation, and my husband held some between the wall and the headboard and it did decrease it. (He also tried some thin sheets of steel and they made no difference.) So we’re going to try (till we learn of something better, if there is anything) wrapping poster board with foil and put the foil side against the wall, then move the bed back where it was. The headboard hopefully will hide the poster board but if we have to have the foil further up the wall to get the radiation lower, I guess we’ll have to paint or somehow decorate the wall to make it look okay. There may be other things we can do with the bed and with other areas, but we’re still studying the var sites and sources I’ve listed for you here,on several of my 5G posts, and on the petition site.

The Stealthy Roll-Out of 5G

Why aren’t you hearing much about 5G Wireless? Because those forcing it on us know many of us want no part of it, so they’ve quietly arranged to quietly set it up. And as I’ve mentioned, your health worries or even illnesses you or your children already have will not help you stop them. They’ve made a law saying in effect no health excuses allowed. As I’ve mentioned, Trump wants it right away to compete with China which also wants it right away. They don’t care about its likely damage to health, that it’s untested, and makes everything much more easily hackable. Whatever you’re worried about, up at the top, where this is coming from, they don’t care. (Were you ever asked how you felt about 5G? We certainly were not.)

Personally I’ve had enough of this. Hence my petition. Please do go there and sign it, and may I make a plea again especially for residents of Massachusetts to sign now? Also wherever you are, do feel free to use my petition as a template to set one up in your state or city. Again here’s the petition link: https://www.thepetitionsite.com/813/839/624/stop-5g-and-smart-meters/?taf_id=62109181&cid=twitter#bbfb=791069356

Greed & Power vs. Wellbeing

Please stay safe, watch what your state and town are doing, and protest when needed. The best way to decrease stress in the American City or anywhere (a major goal of mine) is to get government and business to understand that highest profits often contribute to decreased wellbeing. We need to convince them that just-high-enough profits (and good enough technology, and reining in some leaders’ bottomless egos requiring more and more personal power and fame) can help promote or at least maintain wellbeing.

Wellbeing includes both mental and physical health, and ours is declining as we’re bullied into lifestyles controlled by ever-wealthier high tech moguls and their buddies in high places. In fact doing whatever causes less stress, fear, depression, and illness saves tons of money in healthcare, crime, etc., so the rich and powerful can still do very well without destroying wellbeing for everyone else. Because they seem unable or unwilling to step back and acknowledge that, we’re on our own, and we need to make a big stink about 5G Wireless. Now is the time.