Brutalizing Donkeys

WBUR just released a story of horrendous and competely unnecessary animal cruelty, suffering, and death, for big profit, mostly in China. The cruelty is increasing worldwide and could even lead to extinction, or just more and more cruelty, if it isn’t stopped. There is not one redeeming detail in the treatment of the animals. The report of what’s going on is in a link below, and I beg you to help stop it by helping the charities that are trying to, by writing your reps in Congress and even the president, and doing anything else you can think of.

Even before I read this story I learned that donkeys in our own country are already suffering a great deal for other reasons, which I discovered when I found that a donkey sanctuary here is among the charities CNN features and is in the running for the top slot of CNN Heroes.

But right now donkeys all over the world are dying horribly for things like face cream and unproven medical remedies for problems that definitely can be helped with other treatment. Villain number one is China, where donkey death brings in huge profits. The result is a number of travesties in other countries such as Africa where people want to get money for the animals, donkeys being stolen from poor families whose one donkey is a companion and helper, and more. In all cases, abominable amounts of suffering occur.

I’ve left a link to the report at the end of this post. To borrow from a comment I sent the site, I’ll say that as long as we’re cruel to animals or make any living beings suffer torture (packed tightly with each other for days without food and water as they travel to an often extra-inhumane death in crummy slaugterhouses) we’ll remain a species that won’t evolve to be the kind, humane, and truly happy one we could be (which I do/must believe is possible). One thing we might do in the meantime is continue to work to make sure ALL people have at least reasonable income so they don’t go along with such cruelty to get more money. But clearly there’s a lot of sheer greed at work here, so I urge all leaders, agencies, and powers that can do anything to stop this to immediately take action.

Also in the news on the same day was a report on rising stress in many parts of the world, with our country among the most stressed, and this is related because it’s extremely stressful to most people to learn of wanton cruetly done to any creature. If we don’t act now to stop this unfathomably barbaric brutality to an animal who is sweet, charming, lovable, and has served humans for centuries, we also punish ourselves with more sadness, hopelessness about the world, and depression. It certainly depressed me.

China especially should be punished. This is coldhearted greed, lack of empathy, and lack of basic humanity (the good part of humanity, that is) that is off the charts and to which we all should say No, and say it now.

Here’s the link:

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